Services in various fields of machine construction

Investments in new technologies, modern production machine fl eet and continually investments in the acquisition and application of new knowledge in technology is a permanent imperative of REINOX Company d.o.o. Owing to years of experience and enviable production capabilities the company provides production services to other partners.
Some services realizable in terms of production at REINOX include the following:
– Preparing technical documentation
– Laser cutting
– Chemical surface treatment of INOX structure (pickling) with passivation (soaking and spraying)
– Bending of sheet metal by diff erent types of bending machines
– Grinding of surface of INOX materials (manual and mechanical)
– welding
It is important to note that the majority of REINOXʼs production is exported to the demanding EU market and accordingly REINOX applies high ECO-standards in production that are common to the developed EU countries where the majority of our long-standing business partners are doing their business.